Q. Are the items Original ?

A. The items are 100% real and are imported straightforwardly from the companies.

Q. Do I need to pay extra on delivery ?

A. All obligations have been paid by us including all custom conventions. You simply address the recorded cost and your request will be taken care of and sent by us.

Q. When will I receive my products ?

A. After you put in the request, it is delivered to our stockroom in Indian distribution centre within a days. After we clear traditions and conventions, we transport it to you within 24hours. 98% orders are conveyed within 3 days, yet the greatest time is 7 days.

Q. Am I qualified for discount?

A. In the event that the request is harmed, we take it back and discount the sum whenever advised to us inside 3 days of your request.

Q.Why are our items less expensive than on respective companies webiste or amazon & flipkart?

A. Our items are less expensive as we import straightforwardly from companies and there is no affiliates in the middle.